Division 4 and 5 results

A flurry of results from Division 5 recently:

May 11th: Fred Laband 11 Kevin Stephenson 9
May 18th: Fred Laband 3 Kevin Stephenson 11
May 19th: Peter Booth 11 Kevin Stephenson 6

Fred writes: “A real nail biter on Galaxy this afternoon.
I took an early 4-0 lead in the first with a gammon. Perhaps Kevin should not have accepted the double.
This was the last accepted double for a while as we both inched towards 7-4. Kevin then went a bit gung ho and was gammoned making it 9-4.
With Fred leading 10-4, Kevin managed to cling on, and then 10-5 swiftly became 10-7 then 10-9. On the final end, Fred inched home with Kevin having only two pieces left on the one point!
It could not have been closer! Another great game.”


“Kevin and i were 3-3 when i accepted a dubious redouble. Within 2 minutes i was gammoned and it was game over!!!”

One division higher, there were some real across the board matches! (don’t worry, no naughtiness – the competitors live in the same house):

May 16th: Jon Ayling 11 Caroline Knapp 0 (CUP)
May 16th: Jon Ayling 4 Caroline Knapp 11 (LEAGUE)

Caroline writes: “Jon and I played our cup match and one of our league games today. The cup match was over in a matter of a minutes after I lost the first game on an 8 cube and then found myself backgammoned in the second – after a frankly ridiculous turn of events where at one point I had 7(!) checkers on the bar. The league game was a more competitive affair. Jon took an early lead, but I managed to claw my way back from 4-0 down and slowly draw ahead to take the match.”

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