End of an Era in the Premiership

A bumper week for results! I’ll try and remember them all… starting at the top:

7th June: Michael Skinner 11 Julia Hayward 0
7th June: Michael Skinner 5 Julia Hayward 11
9th June: Michael Skinner 11 Mark Robinson 5
9th June: Michael Skinner 11 Mark Robinson 4
10th June: Neil Foston 11 Mark Robinson 10

Some heart-pounding rollercoasters – Julia’s loss to Michael was over in 3 games, and I came back from 8-0 down (a score I do oddly well from – at least in my head).

Mark is relegated for the first time EVER. I thought his record of 10 straight seasons without relegation and 9 in the premiership couldn’t be bettered but actually Julia has never been relegated either, and has been there one season longer!

Either Michael or myself will win, and the showdown is this weekend. (though I still have a slim chance if I lose).

One step down, division 2 went from 0 to 33% in one day:

10th June: Richard Furborough 8 Roger Salmon 11
10th June: Steve Holman 3 Roger Salmon 11
10th June: Rob Bolter 11 Richard Furborough 7
10th June: Rob Bolter 11 Richard Furborough 6

Six results from division 3:

6th June: Phil Cohen 11 Duncan Conway 10
7th June: Allan Dye 11 Phil Cohen 10
10th June: Richard Coles 8 Phil Cohen 11
10th June: Richard Coles 11 Phil Cohen 2

June 10th: Allan Dye 11 Richard Coles 9
June 10th: Allan Dye 11 Richard Coles 9

Phil and Allan have good chances of promotion but there’s plenty of play left.

Two from division 4:

5th June: Mark Williams 11 Caroline Knapp 6
5th June: Mark Williams 9 Caroline Knapp 11

One from division 5:

8th June: Peter Booth 11 Kevin Stephenson 3

Peter’s in pole position but again plenty of games left.

Zigi wrapped up his season in division 6:

Charles Pickard 11 Zigi Fibert 8

That leaves him safe from relegation but unable to win due to negative goal difference. Anyone else can win but Mike still has the best chances.

Finally, the first result from the knockout stage of the Championship:

9th June: Peter Booth 13 Richard Coles 12

Congratulations to Peter on winning that marathon of 22 games, and claiming the first quarter final place.

2 thoughts on “End of an Era in the Premiership

  1. Of course, Julia holds the ultimate record – The only person to hold a permanent position in Div 1 since league inception!

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