Two division winners

Another deluge of Division 2 results to report:

11th June: Roger Salmon 11 Rob Bolter 10
11th June: Roger Salmon 11 Rob Bolter 9
13th June: Roger Salmon 11 Richard Furborough 4
15th June: Steve Holman 8 Rob Bolter 11
15th June: Steve Holman 11 Rob Bolter 5
16th June: Steve Holman 6 Roger Salmon 11
16th June: Richard Furborough 11 Steve Holman 10

Congratulations to Roger on a clean sweep and his return to the premiership – the Salmon leaps!

At the other end, a crucial last roll win for Furbs sets up an Eastern contingent relegation showdown with Steve.

Meanwhile the premiership decider ended in some lucky bugger winning amidst a storm of primes and backgames:

14th June: Neil Foston 11 Michael Skinner 4

The unofficial PR contest is still alive though. Just how badly can I play in the final match against Mark?

One match also remains in the bottom division after Chas picked up another scalp in his first season:

14th June: Charles Pickard 11 Mike Ireland 8

The four-way tie is still on, as is a more straightforward triumph for Chas. Becca has a mathematical chance of coming first with a very one-sided win but in any case will be keen to avoid coming last, just in case there is relegation next time.

Lastly a few from divisions 3 and 5:

15th June: Allan Dye 11 Duncan Ferguson 7

15th June: Fred Laband 11 Maria Ferguson 9

I’ll let Fred have the last word on beating Maria after a string of defeats in the past: “I have at last slayed my nemesis! By goodness, i was 7-1 behind and nearly threw in the towel. The stats suggest that i had -2.61 luck rating, but an imperious 1-6 escape from the bar when it stood at 10-9 to me settled the affair in my favour.”

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