The silver pony-tail strikes

Two more division winners to report:

June 18th: Phil Cohen 11 Allan Dye 9

This one went down to the wire and decided promotion from Division 3. Congratulations to Phil on his promotion back up to Division 2.

Division 6 concluded with the legendary four way tie, in another match that went to DMP:

June 21st: Becca Bell 11 Chas Pickard 9

Congratulations to Mike who sneaks up on goal difference. There were only 3 points covering 2nd to 4th! We’re not expecting any relegation from this division, so Chas’s impressive first season holding his own against experienced tournament players will not be for nothing.

The East of Anglia Division 2 relegation showdown went Furby’s way:

June 17th: Richard Furborough 11 Steve Holman 6

A good fightback to stay in division 2. Commiserations to Steve who drops down a division.

The final match in the premiership also took place, though this was strictly for honour and the unofficial PR challenge:

June 20th: Mark Robinson 11 Neil Foston 6

I tried going 8-0 down again but it didn’t work this time 🙁

Lastly, a championship knockout result:

June 17th: Roger Salmon 13 Fred Laband 10

Roger awaits the winner of me vs Adam in the quarters, so that could be a re-run of last year’s final.

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