Season wrap and Cup results

A few straggling results from Season 2, as Division 4 made a valiant attempt to wrap up their matches:

June 26th: Mark Williams 11 Adam Reynolds 4
June 26th: Mark Williams 11 Adam Reynolds 6
June 27th: Jon Ayling 11 Caroline Knapp 8
June 29th: Jon Ayling 11 Mark Williams 5

Still, that was enough for Mark to be promoted to the dizzy heights of Division 3, while despite his last minute wins, the Beast howls as he slides down to Division 5.

Meanwhile good progress in the Club Championship (aka League Cup), with 6 of the Quarter Final places now filled:

June 27th: Julia Hayward 13 Maria Ferguson 4
June 28th: Richard Furborough 13 Mark Robinson 2
June 28th: Neil Foston 13 Adam Reynolds 6
June 28th: Phil Cohen 11 Kevin Stephenson 10 (oops should’ve been 13 points but the result stands)

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