The UK Backgammon Federation

The UK Backgammon Federation has over 300 members.  Learn more about the UKBGF and keep up with our latest news by regularly visiting our blog and our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

Improving Your Backgammon

A Kid’s Guide to Backgammon

Backgammon Sets

Geoffrey Parker
Our bespoke Backgammon Sets are hand built for champions, aficionados and lovers of this wonderful game.

Erhan 869BG Backgammon Boards
Good value boards made in Turkey and supplied via UK agent Tim Line.

Bone Club
British producer offers a range of inexpensive boards in a variety of colours and designs.

German manufacturer of a range of boards including the limited edition Paul Magriel Memorial Board.

Build your own board or buy off the shelf plus a wide range of accessories.

Other Clubs

Backgammon London

Bristol Backgammon Club

Chester Backgammon Club

Liverpool Backgammon Club

London Players’ Backgammon League

Manchester Backgammon Club

St. Albans

Worcester Backgammon Club