Cambridge versus The World

After a rather dismal Champions League performance this year, we’ve entered a team into the World Clubs Championship and hoping to do somewhat better! Division 1 regulars Mark, Roger and Julia are flying the flag for us against an insanely large field of 111 other teams from around the world.

The format is triple elimination, with the first three rounds drawn at random and after that a Swiss system. That could mean 15 rounds or more to go to determine the ultimate winner, and it will probably be well into next year that the final stages happen. Each round involves the three of us playing a 13-pointer each against our opposite numbers; two wins decides the fixture. Our first three teams are:

  • BG Club Rochelais, France
  • BGT Lampertheim, Germany
  • Haifa BG, Israel

You can follow our progress on the WBIF website, and I’ll be posting here as we go, hopefully with good news!

2 thoughts on “Cambridge versus The World

  1. Well, we clawed back to a 2-1 win over Brasov after I got the worst end of the luck in the opening tie. Round 6 not so good against more Romanian opponents, Star Onesti (with two BMAB Masters in the squad). Hard-fought matches and pleased to chalk up a PR 6 myself after a few dud matches, but only one win to show for it at the end. Still, we’re not knocked out yet!

  2. Two victories from three so far! Next up, 4×4 BraČ™ov from Romania. On paper it looks like it’s going to be a close match.

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