Club Championship

The Club Championship is a season-long competition for league players, generally a knockout tournament though early stages may incorporate some other format such as a group stage or double elimination. It is played to the same rules as the league, i.e. UKBGF rules.

2020 Knockout draw

Last 16: One 13 point match by midnight July 31st. These are likely to online unrated matches:

H1: Julia Hayward 13 Maria Ferguson 4
H2: Steve Holman vs Jon Ayling (walkover)
H3: Richard Coles 12 Peter Booth 13
H4: Rob Bolter 8 Duncan Conway 13
H5: Roger Salmon 13 Fred Laband 10
H6: Neil Foston 13 Adam Reynolds 6
H7: Phil Cohen 11 Kevin Stephenson 10*
H8: Mark Robinson 2 Richard Furborough 13

* contestants accidentally played to 11 instead of 13, but agreed to let the result stand.

Quarter finals: One 13 point match, deadline midnight September 30th:

Q1 Julia Hayward 13 Steve Holman 12
Q2 Peter Booth 6 Duncan Conway 13
Q3 Roger Salmon 11 Neil Foston 13
Q4 Phil Cohen 1 Richard Furborough 13

Semi finals: One 13 point match by the end of October:

S1 Julia Hayward 13 Duncan Conway 11
S2 Neil Foston 13 Richard Furborough 4

Finals: One 15 point match by the end of November

Final: Julia Hayward 11 Neil Foston 15
Third place play-off: Duncan Conway 15 Richard Furborough 5

2020 Preliminary phase: Round 1

One 11 point match to be completed by midnight 15th April. Winners progress directly to the last 16, losers get another chance in preliminary phase round 2.

A lot of these matches ended up being played online, due to Coronavirus lockdown.

Match 1: Julia Hayward 11 Mark Williams 3
Match 2: Mark Robinson 11 Peter Booth 0
Match 3: Roger Salmon 11 Jon Ayling 2
Match 4: Rob Bolter 11 Adam Reynolds 2
Match 5: Richard Coles 11 Kevin Stephenson 10
Match 6: Neil Foston 11 Maria Ferguson 3
Match 7: Phil Cohen  Jeremy Chitsiga (walkover)
Match 8: Steve Holman 11 Caroline Knapp 8
Match 9: Richard Furborough 11 vs Allan Dye 7
Match 10: Duncan Conway 8 Fred Laband 11

2020 Preliminary phase: Round 2

One 11 point match to be completed by midnight 31st May. Winners progress to the last 16.  One “lucky loser” with the best points difference from rounds 1 and 2 will also progress to the last 16 (if there is a tie, points scored, if still tied, pot luck). 

All of these matches were played online, due to Coronavirus lockdown (with the exception of opponents who live in the same house)

Mark Williams   2   Duncan Conway 11

Peter Booth   11   Allan Dye 5

Jon Ayling   11   Caroline Knapp 0

Adam Reynolds   vs   Jeremy Chitsiga (walkover)

Kevin Stephenson  5  Maria Ferguson 11

Lucky Loser: Kevin (15 points)

2020 Draw method

Random draw with the following caveats:
First round opponents will be placed in separate halves of the draw so cannot meet again before the final.
The “lucky loser” may have to be in the same half of the draw as their second round opponent – if so they will be placed in a separate quarter of the draw (so that they do not meet again until the semi-final).
The draw will initially be seeded by the winners of matches 1-8 (but this may require slight modification to avoid first round opponents being in the same half of the draw).

Draw was on 4th June, with Michael choosing random numbers.

2019 Results

1st: Neil Foston

2nd: Roger Salmon

3rd: Julia Hayward