League Results

Julia and Neil played their second match, while Mark broke cover in the premiership:

May 31st: Neil Foston 11 Julia Hayward 3
June 2nd: Julia Hayward 11 Mark Robinson 8
June 2nd: Julia Hayward 10 Mark Robinson 11

Meanwhile at the other end of the league:

May 30th: Becca Bell 11 Michael Ireland 10

All results are still possible in division 6! But as previously, some or more likely than others, and Mike is still favourite for promotion despite that loss.

One division higher:

May 21st: Fred Laband 11 Peter Booth 4
June 2nd: Kevin Stephenson 11 Maria Ferguson 7

Fred writes: ” After a cagey start, the 8 minute opener – (this seems a long time for an internet game?) was settled by Fred’s traditional double 5.
Things continued nip and tuck to see Fred taking a slim 3-2 lead.
The sixth end saw Fred tighten his grip with a gammon on cube 2. Peter looked like he’d escaped with his own 5/5 only for Fred to hit back with a killer 1/1 to send him back. (Score: 7-2 Fred)
Peter then rallied with his own 2 pointer to make it 4-7.
The next game saw Fred’s double accepted. Fred followed this with two double 5s and it looked all over, only for Peter to hit his one chance with 2/1. Fred was caged in and resigned to defeat only to roll a massive double 6 which effectively killed the match.
The following game Peter thew caution to the wind accepting a very risky double, and Fred rolled out to win 11-4.”

Lastly an almost-forgotten result from Division 3:

May 5th (estimate): Phil Cohen 11 Duncan Conway 5

With just 4 weeks left, a flurry of results is expected, especially from the quieter divisions so far. Roll well!

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