Early May Results

Division 6 continue to pump out the results:

May 2: Zigi Fibert 11 Charles Pickard 6
May 3rd: Charles Pickard 11 Becca Bell 6
May 10th: Becca Bell 11 Zigi Fibert 2
May 10th: Becca Bell 5 Zigi Fibert 11

With four matches left all outcomes are possible, though some or more likely than others; Mike is probably favourite on 3 wins and +10 goal difference.

Meanwhile Julia broke my heart coming back from 9-2 or 10-4 or something (the pain is starting to fade):

May 2nd: Neil Foston 10 Julia Hayward 11

Division 3 got under way:

May 3rd: Duncan Conway 11 Allan Dye 4

And Fred played Peter:

May 6th: Fred Laband 11 Peter Booth 4

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