League Results

Five results to report. In Bishop Stortford on Tuesday, Neil rode a wave of perfect dice against Steve:

28th Jan: Neil Foston 11 Steve Holman 0

I suppose we’ll never know if the karma rebalancing actually caused the points failure in Audley End – I can only apologise to my fellow passengers if so!

Steve wasn’t finished yet and played his matches against the notorious Bolter, on Wednesday in Newmarket:

29th Jan: Steve Holman 11 Rob Bolter 8
29th Jan: Steve Holman 9 Rob Bolter 11

Finally, Peter and Adam played their matches at the Golden Hind yesterday, sharing the honours:

30th Jan: Adam Reynolds 11 Peter Booth 4
30th Jan: Adam Reynolds 5 Peter Booth 11

That leaves Peter needing some good results against Allan to stay safe from relegation.

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