Division 4 poised as Division 5 swings into action

Two sets of results to report in Division 4 as Allan joined the fray, first taking on Caroline on Sunday…

Feb 2: Caroline Knapp 11 Allan Dye 1

Feb 2: Caroline Knapp 7 Allan Dye 11

…before robbing from the rich at the Robin Hood yesterday (actually, I have no idea about Adam’s wealth, or otherwise). Adam writes: “I made a couple of mistakes and “couldn’t roll for toffee*”, I think is the technical term. Allan however played very well and also hit everything contributing to a 45 minute 11-0 crushing in the first.

I went 10-3 down in the second and then actually won a Crawford game, with a Gammon! I clawed back to 10-9 in an series of somewhat scrappy back and forth games but Allan persevered with a Gammon in the final game resulting in 11-9 to Allan”
*Adam may’ve used a different word

Feb 3: Allan Dye 11 Adam Reynolds 0
Feb 3: Allan Dye 11 Adam Reynolds 9

That leaves Caroline and Allan in the box seats, but technically all results are still possible with two showdowns left.

Meanwhile, Division 5 got under way, as Fred writes: “[I] won 11-7 against Kevin at the Bridge in St Neots. At 7-7, the cube was on 4 and went to the very last roll. Kevin lost by only two pips! The return was just as close. Kevin took a 3-0 lead for Fred to storm back into a commanding 10-4 margin. Kevin then dug his way back to level it and exacted fine revenge winning 11-10. The second match took 17 ends which must be something of a record?”

Feb 4: Fred Laband 11 Kevin Stephenson 7
Feb 4: Fred Laband 10 Kevin Stephenson 11

In answer to Fred’s question, I suspect one of my maulings at the hands (paws?) of the Beast of Potton in Boxworth went to a horrible number of games, perhaps more than 17 – but in the absence of firm evidence to the contrary, I am happy to grant the dubious award of “most games in a league match”.

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