Return of the Beast

Jon Ayling and Mark Williams convened in St Neots yesterday to play their league matches. Jon writes:

“The first got off to a flying start with an early 4-cube allowing me to take the lead of 7-2. I crept forward, reaching Crawford – 3 away, and then proceeded to lose a series of games. Finally (and to my relief) I hit a late shot, captured a game a took the match.

The second was the polar opposite – a series of drops and single-pointers saw us proceeding in lockstep for 14 games up to 8 all. At this point I broke, and claimed two games to take us to crawford; Mark struck back with a gammon, and we played for DMP. The decider couldn’t have been closer, with a tight bear-off allowing me to take the lead with just a single checker remaining on Mark’s side.”

Dec 19th: Jon Ayling 11 Mark Williams 6

Dec 19th: Jon Ayling 11 Mark Williams 10

That leaves the previously dormant Beast of Potton with an excellent chance of returning to Division 3; Allan can stop him by winning both his remaining matches with Mark, or possibly by just winning one with excellent goal difference.

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