Phil Cohen Wins Div 2

Division 2 was wide open as the last 2 matches were contested between Jon Ayling and Steve Holman on Friday night. In the end neither of these players did enough to take the top spot off Phil but they did do enough to retain their place in this division. It was 1 a piece in a marathon session that lasted 4 hours and 40 minutes. Jon took the first match 11-9 and was leading 10-7 in the second. Steve managed to pick up a point bringing it back to 10-8 and in what was to be the final game, Steve doubled and with the cube on 2 he managed to win with a backgammon making it 10-11 to Steve. Congratulations to Phil for finishing top and moving back into Division 1 next season and commiserations to Michael Skinner who drops down into Division 3 next season.

Jon Ayling 11 v 9 Steve Holman
Steve Holman 11 v 10 Jon Ayling

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