League Round-up

Mar 5th: Fred Laband 11 Jeremy Chitsiga 4

Fred writes: “Fred took an early two nil lead at The Granta in Cambridge and Jeremy took a risky double to make it 6-0. Jeremy pulled back to within two, but a big double 5 put Fred 8-4 ahead when it should have been 6-6. Fred finally saw out the match with some well timed doubles to help.”

Mar 10th: Kevin Stephenson 11 Maria Ferguson 4

Maria writes:

“Some throws of the dice that resulted in baffling moments and we both enjoyed mulling over that what if’s.

Excellent doubling cube work by Kevin. “

That leaves Maria almost certainly safe from relegation and in with a chance of promotion, especially if she wins her last match. But Kevin and others are coming up on the rails.

Meanwhile, a dice storm at the Haymakers left Rob crying into his beer:

Mar 8th: Neil Foston 11 Rob Bolter 4

So I’ll be playing premiership backgammon next season. It’s a three-way fight to avoid relegation with a showdown between Rob and Richard at Wistow towers looming.

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