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A few more points spread around in Division 5:

Feb 26th: Kevin Stephenson 11 Maria Ferguson 4

Feb 26th: Mark WIlliams 11 Jeremy Chitsiga 10

That brings things a little closer together, anyone could go up or down (since new players are joining next season, there will probably be one player relegated from Division 5 to the new Division 6).

Meanwhile at Wistow Towers, Richard and Steve shared the spoils:

Feb 27th: Richard Coles 11 Steve Holman 5
Feb 27th: Richard Coles 9 Steve Holman 11

That means neither Richard nor Steve can get promoted, but it also keeps them both in the running for avoiding relegation.

Finally Mark claims the speedgammon award for beating Peter in half an hour, while progressing to the last 16 of the championship:

Feb 27th: Mark Robinson 11 Peter Booth 0

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