Furby in charge of Division 3

Fresh from reaching the final in Cork last week, Furby played his games against Duncan tonight at the Bedford:

Mar 13th: Richard Furborough 11 Duncan Conway 0
Mar 13th: Richard Furborough 3 Duncan Conway 11

Yesterday the Beast of Potton broke cover: “me and Phil faced off in Swavesey this evening. After one epic first game, Phil took it to Crawford – I managed to win one, then fight my way back up to take the match. The second was a much shorter affair – at a score of 6-1, I took a redouble to 8, which Phil then went on to win as a gammon!”

Sadly no documentary evidence remains of the fateful snowman:

Mar 12th: Jon Ayling 11 Phil Cohen 10
Mar 12th: Jon Ayling 6 Phil Cohen 11

Richard will probably clinch promotion if he wins his remaining matches against Jon – one win will still leave him in a strong position. At the other end, Phil probably needs to win his last match against Duncan to have a chance of staying up.

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