Div. 3 Almost Settled

Jeremy Chitsiga and Peter Booth played their second match of the season today at The Quy Mill Hotel. Jeremy took the first point but Peter bounced back and although every game was closely contested managed to reach a 10-1 lead. But the final point was elusive as Jeremy fought back with some canny doubles taking the match to 10-6. Even the final game went back and forth and Jeremy built a 4 point home board putting one of Peter’s checkers on the bar. Perhaps he missed a doubling opportunity as he went for the gammon, but a lucky roll put Peter back in the game and Jeremy on the bar. This was the turning point and Peter managed to take the match putting him in second place in the division but with one match remaining for Caroline Knapp, a win would put her in second place.

Jeremy Chitsiga 6 v 11 Peter Booth

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