Div. 2 Heats Up

Michael’s move at 8-7 ahead chasing gammon. Was it the right move?

As the end of the season beckons, the temperature’s rising in Division 2. Jon Ayling and Michael Skinner played both of their league matches (the flammable kind?) last night at The Golden Hind, Cambridge and a decisive night it was. The sparks were flying early as Jon warmed up, a faint burning smell coming from the felt surface of the board. But Michael’s cool play kept him in contention as the crowd gathered around the table watching the duelling dragons known as Fire and Ice.

At 8-7 in Jon’s favour, Michael went for the gammon on a 2 cube hoping to close out the match (see above) but despite winning 2 points, the gammon was elusive. Michael was now leading by a point at 8-9 but Jon increased the temperature still further and gammoned the last game on a 2 cube winning the match 11-9.

Jon was virtually on fire at this stage and took the second match 11-0 leaving Michael sweaty, singed and smoking.

Jon Ayling 11 v 9 Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner 0 – 11 Jon Ayling

The 4 points left Jon with a possible shout at winning Division 2 but still has 2 matches to play against Roger Salmon.

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