Adam puts two past Caroline

From Sep 2:

In the first match Adam got to 8-0 with a couple of 2 cube wins, including a Gammon, before Caroline brought the match back to 8-4 with two single wins and a Gammon. A 2 cube made it 10-4. Caroline won the Crawford game but Adam won the next to finish the match 11-5.

In the second match The score reached 10-2 in favour of Adam in 6 games. Once again Caroline won the Crawford but this time by a Gammon. She then followed up by winning 2 more doubled game to make the match score 10-8. Adam finally won a very close last game to close out the match 11-8 and breathe a sigh of relief!

The League 4 players are leaving it close to the wire with a last minute rush of matches anticipated!


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