A Virtual Night in St Neots

Instructions to isolate ourselves didn’t prevent our second St Neots tournament going ahead -although the venue was a Zoom videoconference set up by myself, and assisted by having all my work computer equipment in my “study”, so I’m surrounded by screens! Twelve of us were online in time to kick off a knockout tournament on Backgammon Galaxy, and despite the occasional dropping of connections we managed to fit in a full four rounds of 7 points, together with consolation and last chance…

Main winner: Maria Ferguson

Finalist: Zigi Fibert

Consolation winner: Peter Booth

Last Chance winner: Phil Cohen

The instant analysis of Backgammon Galaxy provoked some conversation – as well as the unscheduled appearance of a certain cat…

Overall it was a successful night, despite my laptop bucking under the strain a couple of times, and we’ll definitely be going again in the near future. The next question is, can we do a chouette the same way? Stay tuned to find out…

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