Foston Makes The Semis!

The first of the quarter finals in the Club Championships took place tonight at the recently refurbished University Arms Hotel in Cambridge. Neil Foston dominated the match throughout leaving Peter Booth scratching his head and searching for his own refurbishment. In the first game Neil doubled at a well judged point and Peter blundered by taking it. Very quickly the game turned further in Neil’s favour and he ultimately won with a gammon opening up a 0-4 lead. Peter took a point in game 2 but failed to score again. In games 3 and 4 Neil added single points to his tally and in game 5 a further 2 points so taking a 1-8 lead into game 6. Now desperate to claw his way back into the match, Peter doubled at what seemed a good time for a double/take and Neil took the cube. In what became quite a complex game with several challenging moves for both players, the tide slowly turned against Peter and Neil secured a gammon and 4 points to win the match.

Now through to the semi-finals, Neil will meet the winner of the match between Rob Bolter and Adam Reynolds.

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